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Software License Audit

Software License Audit Please spend a moment to consider how your company manages its software. This will help you assess if you could benefit from moving to Free Open Source Software under the GNU General Public License. See gnu.org

Consider how confident you are about the following points:

Do you have a valid license for each piece of software on your computers?
Do you know the exact number of PCs in your company?
Do you know which of these have unrestricted access to the Internet?
Do you know exactly what software is installed on each PC?
Do you know that your staff or contractors have not installed any software onto your PCs without telling you?
Do you understand your legal position regarding your own and your staff's responsibility for the software installed on your computers?
Are you abiding by the legally binding terms and conditions that you agreed to when installing your software programs?
Have you ever considered how much time and hassle you could save by using Open Source Software under the GNU General Public License?

Take Action Now

If you're not 100% sure on any of these points, remove any proprietary or unlicensed software from your computers and replace it with Free Open Source Software alternatives. This will save you time, legal hassles, and money on license fees. Contact me if you need assistance in these matters.

Software Migration

Reload your software Open source software is used at all levels of our organisation and has replaced various flavours of Microsoft® Windows™ and Apple Mac OSX. Linux servers and workstations now provide a number of benefits:

  • A stable and robust operating environment to run a wide variety of mission critcal applications on a wide range of hardware.

  • Immediate access to a over 20,000 software packages including the highly acclaimed OpenOffice suite which is fully interoperable with MS Office documents and file formats.

  • Higher level of security and much less susceptible to malicious attacks.

  • High quality documentation and comprehensive support from the global OSS community.

  • Standards compliance (POSIX)

  • Cost savings and no license fees.

  • Much longer hardware replacement cycles and reduced downtime.

  • Greater control over systems and transparency.
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